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RSGOLDAZ.COM Aim to Make You more Stisfied

RSGOLDAZ.COM Aim to Make You more Stisfied

Cheap & Fast&Safe RS Gold 03/07 Gold/ Fire Cape

By rsgoldazzyy at 2015-08-03 22:09:46
Runescape gold players like to see the boss with powerful skilling and great attacking skills. So here is a skilling boss concept from one of the RS Gold players, showing at least an example of how interesting a boss like that could be.

The fight, if you could call it that, is divided on 3 phases: weakening, containing and finishing. Each phase will have from 2 to 4 variants, which will be rotated over certain periods of time. During any phase certain random events can occur, which will be either a boss attack, a way to make the fight a bit easier or a chance to get bonus rewards.

When starting the boss, you can choose the difficulty. Amount of people who enter the fight will also affect the difficulty, so you can set a limit to how many people can join, and maybe set a password like for other instanced bosses.

You cannot take any items into the boss fight. But to enter it, you'll need to make a donation. It can be paid with skilling supplies and products, and will act as a risk like when fighting combat bosses-you will only lose your donation if you fail to kill the boss.

Now on to suggested boss mechanics. First, weakening. This phase will have 2 variants. For 1st you'll have to utilize your fishing and cooking skills, for 2nd farming and herblore. To finish this phase, you need to first gather and deposit materials, then prepare them for bosses consumption, and finally make the boss consume them.

Phase 2, containing. This phase will have 3 variants, mining+smithing, woodcutting+construction and hunter+crafting. This phase will be similar to 1st, gather materials, process them, use on the boss except this time bosses defense will be more aggressive. Once boss is fully contained, phase 3 begins.

Phase 3, finishing. This is where you kill the the thing. This will have 4 variants, firemaking, fletching, runecrafting and divination. All materials will be already available for you, you'll just need to work with them and unleash your fury upon the boss until it dies. Once he is dead, the fight is over and precious loot is given.

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